Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Residences account for nearly 17 percent of the U.S.’s total greenhouse gas emissions. The main culprits are electricity use, boilers and furnaces, and trash, though homes lose varying amounts of energy depending on “tightness.”

A home without the proper tightness creates issues such as:

  • Energy bills that seem too high for your residence;
  • Cold floors in the winter;
  • Hot rooms upstairs in the summer;
  • Drafty rooms? Dry indoor air in winter;
  • Ice dams on the roof in winter;
  • Mold, mildew or musty odors;
  • Moisture on windows; and
  • What seems to be inefficient heating and air conditioning.

Using spray foam insulation in key areas like  the attic, crawl spaces, basement subflooring, and exterior walls can will help to tighten a home. Getting an energy audit may be useful in finding the problem areas.