Open-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Open-cell polyurethane, a 0.5 lb/ft low density spray foam insulation, is applied as a liquid foam to the wall, ceiling, attic, or floors.

The open-cell structure spray foam we install has a low permeance, which controls moisture vapor movement. Control of moisture is key to preventing the development of mold and other biological contaminants within a structure.

Additionally, the insulation system is formulated to contain an anti-microbial to inhibit mold, mildew and bacterial growth.

Homeowner Benefits:

1. Reduces your energy consumption, lessening your environmental impact.
2. Provides consistent room temperatures–no drafts, no cold spots or hot spots.
3. Reduces outside noise by creating a seamless, airtight insulated barrier.
4. Proven insulating power–spray polyurethane foam systems have been applied sucessfully for over 35 years.

Builder Benefits:

1. Adaptable to uniquely shaped, hard-to-insulate areas.
2. Can be applied to the underside of roof decks to form conditioned or cathedralized attic areas.
3. Environmentally safe application utilizes a water-blown agent.
4. Normally unusuable attic area can be “harvested” by converting it into usable living space.
5. Crawl space insulation may be installed in a non-vented configuration for greater energy savings.
6. ICC code compliant of the provisions of the International Building Code (IBC), International Residential Code (IRC), and the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).
7. Installed by trained and experienced contractors.

Open-Cell, Low Density Insulation Facts

  • R-Value 13 at 3.5 inches nominal
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Inhibits Mold & Mildew
  • Prevents Air Infiltration
  • Resists Sagging and Settling